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Perth IT and Network Support

Small Business

Are you getting everything you expect out of your network? Do you need external access to your corporate data? Is your email system not working the way you would like? We can help clean up your network, streamline your I.T. processes and provide the solutions your business needs.

Small Business Solutions

At Home

Do you need your network configured, wireless range extended, access to your media or your Smart TV set up? Is your web browsing being hijacked or are you getting bombarded with advertising? We have a host of solutions that will bring your home into the digital age while keeping your family safe on-line.

Home Solutions


Attract more customers with a professional and modern, mobile ready website. Starting an on-line store? Ask us about a Magento, Drupal or Wordpress based e-commerce solution that you can operate and maintain yourself.

We design mobile ready websites, organise hosting packages, configure your DNS, manage domain email accounts offer affordable maintenance agreements to keep your website up to date.

Web Solutions

Small Business Solutions

Eternal I.T. have been helping local businesses with their I.T. needs since 1999 by providing support for networks of more than 1000 desktops, notebooks and tablets. We work with hardware from all the big vendors including VMware, Intel, DELL, HP, Netgear, Sonicwall, Microsoft, Apple, IBM and Cisco and create packages to suite your scope and budget.

Ask us about our support contracts for fixed price, unlimited on-call I.T. Support.

Network Support

We specialise in:

  • VMware based virtualisation and physical to virtual (P2V) migrations.
  • Windows, Windows Server, Linux and VMware support.
  • Web design.
  • DNS management.
  • I.T. purchasing and asset control.
  • Printer, copier, fax installation and management.
  • NAS, SAS or cloud based storage solutions.
  • On-site and remote backup and monitoring.
  • SSL secured remote access systems and multi-site networks.
  • Firewalls, ADSL, NBN, Mobile Broadband and wireless configuration.
  • End user on-site, remote or telephone support.
  • New computing hardware, software, servers and network infrastructure.
  • After hours support, maintenance and hardware rollouts.
The Eternal I.T. Small Business Network

We place a large emphasis on planning a network as we believe that starting with a solid foundation is the key to stability and reliability. Eternal I.T. have developed a small business network plan that is both scalable and reliable. This standardised network architecture results in reduced support costs, faster diagnosis and fault repair.

Cloud or Peer-to-Peer Networks

For cloud based or smaller businesses with multi-site clients, a simpler architecture means reduced initial investment and a speedy deployment. Resources can be shared via the cloud or via a virtual private network solution.

Remote Access

Eternal I.T. build and install remote access servers and solutions that can be tailored to fit your scope and budget.


We can configure secure cloud based storage so that your staff can efficiently collaborate and share information. We use third party products like Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive or Dropbox to efficiently synchronise your shared resources which ensures your staff have access to the latest document versions. These services are provided on a subscription basis and can be upgraded or cancelled as your business grows.


For multi-site businesses, we recommend our site-to-site VPN solution. This enables sharing of all network resources which include access to shared data, shared storage, printing, intranet content and other network services. The VPN solution we offer utilises SonicWall hardware and is SSL secured. The hardware recovers automatically from power loss or connectivity failure and does not rely on client software as it is implemented at the network level. There are no subscription costs associated with this service however there is an initial investment cost should hardware be required.


An on-site Remote Access Server is suited to larger businesses with mobile staff. Clients connect via software installed on their desktops, laptops, phones or tablets and can then access network resources from that parent site. The software is very lightweight and can be installed by the end user if required. The software installed on each machine requires no technical knowledge to operate as it connects with little more than a click. There is an initial cost for the server hardware but it is scalable to suite your size or budget. There is a yearly subscription cost of approximately $10 per user. We recommend this solution for businesses that are not comfortable with having their corporate data stored on third party clouds or for businesses that have a mobile workforce.

Hardware Sales

Let us do the leg work for you. Eternal I.T. are able to source specific hardware or can offer recommendations based on your requirements.

We have access to a wide range of I.T. related hardware, work with notebook, desktop and server vendors, UPS units, cabling, racking, printers, copiers, networking and switches. We work closely with hardware wholesalers and will strive to get you the best prices. Eternal I.T. can deliver and install your new hardware and configure on-site to your requirements. All hardware is covered by a full manufacturer warranty and faulty hardware can be returned to our Perth office or collected from your premises.

Eternal I.T. offer custom built machines, multi-monitor workstations, demonstration or display screens or multiple office PCs built to specification. We can also install custom images or build software images to your specification. We can also design machines for specific tasks like video editing, CAD or graphic design.

Office Networks

We provide I.T. support for offices of all sizes. Whether you need a server, a compact Network Attached Storage (NAS) device for sharing files or external media in a peer-to-peer network there is no office too small. We place a large emphasis on reducing downtime when working in office environments. We strive to minimise disruption to your staff while we work and will schedule maintenance on critical systems outside office hours.

For All Your Home I.T. Needs

Do you need your home network configured or wireless range extended? Are you looking for a gaming PC that runs all the latest games? Eternal I.T. can install and configure computers, tablets, phones, Smart-TVs and game systems so that they work together for the results you want.


If you need a custom built gaming, design or video editing PC that fits your budget we can set you up. We deliver, install and migrate data from old devices to ensure your new hardware works the way you intended. We use the latest Nvidia and ATI video cards and provide the best advice to get you the performance you need.

We supply and install home network hardware, wireless and Network Attached Storage (NAS) devices and can incorporate your game consoles and computers with your home theatre system. If your home suffers from patchy wireless or dead spots we have the solution to make sure you have coverage in every room and cater for multi-storey homes.

Call us to set up your home office. We can configure shared printing, shared storage and remote access or assist you with your workflow to maximise your productivity. We also provide migration plans to new hardware and help manage, migrate and backup your data.

PC Service

Is your PC slow or is there too much advertising obstructing your web browsing? We offer on-site servicing or bring your machine to us and have it cleaned up while you wait. We offer fixed priced servicing, diagnosis, hardware fault finding, blue screens repair and freezing diagnosis.

If you have suffered a hardware failure or accidentally deleted or lost your personal data we may be able to recover it for you. We can assess your hard drive, flash drive, SD card or memory stick and provide an estimate for the cost of recovery.

If your PC or laptop has stopped working or needs an upgrade, we can diagnose and fix a variety of hardware problems. Power issues, cracked screens, faulty hard drives and overheating are some of the most common fault we see and we have access to a wide variety of parts for HP, Asus, Acer, Toshiba and Lenovo notebooks.

Media Servers

If you've purchased a new Smart-TV and aren't sure what all the fuss is about, we can show you. We custom build media servers that integrate with your Smart-TV so you can access your media from the comfort of your living room.

Efficiently share your home media with all the Smart-TVs, desktops, notebooks and tablets in your home. We use Plex, XBMC, DLNA, Chromecast and other media sharing hardware and software that integrate with your home network so that you can stream your videos, music and photo collections to all of your screens simultaneously. Contact us for advice on converting your regular TV to a Smart-TV too.

We take pride in being able to offer media streaming solutions that allow you to centralise your media library while optimising playback on multiple devices. We can work with your existing smart or non-smart TV, theatre system, home network and smart phones to organise your media so it is easy to manage and add new content.

Professional Website Design

Eternal I.T. design, build and maintain mobile ready websites and have solutions for any budget. If you are looking for a basic site with contact information or a fully integrated e-commerce solution we can get you on-line at the right price. We work with experienced graphic designers or let us bring your design to life to create a modern, mobile ready site for your business.

Mobile ready Websites

According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, mobile and fixed wireless internet subscribers have increased from 1% in 2006 to almost 50% in 2015. Research group Gartner says the desktop PC market saw its worst decline in 2013 dropping 10% followed by a 6% drop in 2014. As this shift to mobile computing continues, we will ensure your site is accessible on as many devices as possible.

Most importantly, Google have announced that as of 21st April 2015, websites which are not mobile-friendly will be listed lower in search results. This could mean that your business is penalised if your site is not configured for mobile as Google will not list your site as highly in its search results.

Eternal I.T. will design you a single site that will work on as many devices as possible so that your resources can be focused on running your business, not maintaining your site or optimising search results.

We Optimise for Mobile

Mobile websites need to be fast, lightweight and cater for small screens that are controlled by touch. Designing your site to for mobile first means your site can easily be scaled up to tablet, laptop and desktop sized screens while still being fast and accessible on mobile devices. We ensure all menus and buttons are touch friendly, content is hidden and revealed when appropriate and images are optimised for screens of different sizes.

Magento Internet stores

If you a looking for an all in one e-commerce solution that is your store front, secure payment gateway, stock and content management system Magento is the solution.

Magento allows you to upload product pictures, descriptions and stock information to your web store, stock control, coupons and manage sales figures all from one interface.

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