Our Work

Symmetrical Group

Commencing in 2007 Symmetrical Group has been providing complete Mechanical, Structural, Civil, Electrical and Data services for the Commercial, Mining and Industrial sectors of Western Australia.


Initially approached by Symmetrical Group for the supply of notebooks and desktop computers, we have seen them grow from a small local business to a big player in the mining support industry. We have worked alongside them during this journey and have scaled their I.T. infrastructure to suite their growing business and workforce requirements.

We were approached to assist Symmetrical group in 2008 and they are now one of our longest standing clients.


  • Provide fixed price on-call I.T. support.
  • Supply and install I.T. hardware, software and network infrastructure.
  • Install and manage remote access and site-to-site networking.
  • Manage on-premises server and email.
  • Install and monitor network security.
  • Customise software for use on restricted and remote sites.

Our Solutions

  • Installation of computer network spanning 3 sites.
  • Remote access server solution for mobile clients.
  • Supply of all software and hardware.
  • Supply and Installation of Windows Server, on-site Exchange and Sharepoint.
  • Installation of VMware ESXi, VM deplyment and management.
  • Supply and configuration of firewall appliances.
  • Internet connectivity with redundancy for local and remote sites.
  • Fixed price, 365 I.T. support contract.

About Symmetrical Group

  • 3 Sites
  • Windows Small Business Server
  • VMware ESXi with iSCSI storage solution
  • SSL secured remote access
  • Web server and proxy
  • 5 workstations
  • Multiple mobile clients
  • Managed firewall
  • 4 printers/copiers

Compass Recruitment

Compass Recruitment was founded on the basis of offering a high level and expertise service across white and blue collar recruitment within Western Australia. A point of difference in sourcing, recruiting and placing candidates, they have a wealth of experience both in end to end recruitment and an operational understanding of the mining, oil and gas sectors.


A newly established recruitment agency, Compass Recruitment were in need of a company website that was modern and mobile friendly. They also required an e-mail solution and shared storage for their small office environment.


  • Design and installed a mobile ready web site.
  • Provide Microsoft Exchange mail functionality via external agency.
  • Secure shared storage to enable collaboration between staff.

Our Solutions

  • VMware ESXi server install for locally hosted website.
  • Website design and installation.
  • Website and e-mail DNS configuration.
  • Supply and configuration of firewall appliance.
  • Supply of notebook and desktop computing hardware.
  • User restricted shared storage on NAS device.

About Compass Recruitment

  • VMware ESXi
  • Locally hosted website
  • 1 workstation
  • Managed firewall

Pivac Engineering

Proudly West Australian owned and operated, Pivac Engineering has built a solid reputation within the residential, commercial and mining sectors for our supply and erection of top quality structural steelwork.


A well established steel fabrication company in Perth's southern suburbs, Pivac Engineering were in need of on-call I.T. support and assistance with their computer network. Their cloud based e-mail solution was not performing as they would have liked, they were also unsure about the state of their off-site backup solution.


  • Provide on-call support during business hours.
  • Troubleshoot internet connectivity issues.
  • Manage and monitor remote backup solution.
  • Monitor network and backup logs.
  • Secure internal shared storage.

Our Solution

  • On-call I.T. Support at hourly rate.
  • Network redesign to Eternal I.T. standard.
  • Migration to Mobile Broadband internet connection from poor performing ADSL service.
  • Redesign of remote backup solution.
  • Supply or computing hardware.
  • Creation of cloud based user accounts.
  • NTFS permissions and procedures

About Pivac Engineering

  • NAS configuration
  • Off-site backup
  • Software based remote access
  • 8 workstations
  • 3 printers/copiers


Chemform is the largest privately owned and operated chemical company in Western Australia. They provide innovative solutions backed up by A-grade service and have earned a reputation as 'problem solvers'... not just another chemical supplier!


Chemform is one of our original clients who we have been involved with since 2006. Originally contracted to provide on-site I.T. support, we have taken part in server and network migrations, remote access deployments, user account management and disaster recovery planning. In the past, we have worked with Chemform I.T. staff to design and integrate company websites with back office databases.

More recently we have assistend Chemform with thir VMware ESXi servers, supplied and installed a custom firewall solution and deployed a proxy in line with Chemform's security requirements.


  • Provide on-site I.T. support.
  • Supply and installation of server hardware and software.
  • Assist with the management of Windows and Linux servers.
  • Hardware and software rollouts.
  • Group policy management.
  • Design and install company website.

Our Solution

  • VMware ESXi installation, maintenance and management.
  • ESXi VM support.
  • ESXi iSCSI storage solution.
  • Virtulisation of multiple servers and systems.
  • On-site and on-call I.T. support.
  • Server hardware purchasing and configuration.
  • Website design and ongoing maintenance.
  • SSL secured remote access server install and configuration.
  • Linux server installation and service configuration.

About Chemform

  • Multiple VMware ESXi hosts
  • Windows Small Business Server
  • Custom web and e-mail proxy
  • Managed multihomed firewall solution
  • Mail, DNS, FTP, HTTP, VPN and SMB servers
  • Locally hosted website
  • SSL secured remote access
  • Multihomed firewall appliance

SMF Projects

SMF Projects deliver architect designed, construction and management services for residential, commercial and industrial clients. With a defining focus on architect designed buildings, quality and project control, SMF draws on its depth of experience, enthusiasm and an extensive skills base to confidently ensure the services provided deliver for the client.


One of our newest clients, we were contacted by SMF Projects to assist with their Windows Server based network, printer management and remote access solution.

More recently we have been involved with deploying servers and installing a VoIP PBX with handsets throughout their Perth based office


  • Provide on-call support during business hours.
  • Provide new computing hardware as required.
  • Support for VoIP PBX.

Our Solution

  • On-call I.T. Support at hourly rate.
  • Supply and installation of desktop computers into network domain.
  • Administer on-premises Windows Server with Exchange.
  • Administer PBX users, voicemail, extensions and handsets.

About SMF Projects

  • Windows Small Business Server
  • VMware ESXi
  • VoIP PBX server with SIP handsets
  • Office 365 products
  • 5 workstations
  • Notebooks and mobile clients
  • 1 printer/copier